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I have a deep love for videogames, ice cream, nerd culture, and all things technology. Once in a while I may even decide to write about these things.

The Ralph Retort: the Kotaku of the other side


While the consumer revolt known as #GamerGate continues to fight the media for reasons left up to the resilient individuals taking part in the events that have been unfolding for the past 11 months, there is one glaring flaw. Through all of this one man, Ralph of The Ralph Retort, has enjoyed a large following and support from people taking part in the revolt.

While I am in no way an authority on what is right and wrong, it strikes me as odd that those who support a movement aimed at removing the clickbait, slander and rampant aggression with no concern for standards, would happily support and defend someone whose writing has utter disregard for any form of ethics or standard...

The Ralph Retort: Tagging ethics into the unethical

Today the entire gaming community was shocked to find out that Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has died. The only appropriate response to this would naturally be to mourn the passing of such an influential figure in gaming cu-


Nope. Ralph as usual would rather politicize and exploit the death of a great man for clicks by including #GamerGate in just about any stupid thing he writes even when it has nothing to do with it.

Ralph is extremely unethical. Tagging unrelated content simply to evoke clicks, outrage and views. So the continued blind eye turned to him by some is quite ridiculous by any sane standard, let alone those who ac...

WEB WARS: Rise of the frameworks

meme shit

"I want a framework". The words echoed slightly in the dreadfully boring office as my heart sank. Another day, another person making a request they did not know the meaning of, simply because it was something she had heard before.
Now as a designer and a developer this is something you encounter quite frequently and in most cases not even remotely noteworthy, but I feel compelled to mention it today, as the request for frameworks that might not even benefit the project at hand is one perpetuated by developers themselves.

To understand where this comes from we have to go back in time to 2009 when Node.js, a serverside JavaScript framework, came crashing onto the scene and JavaScript monkeys everywhere rejoiced at not being restricted to client side without learning a new language. Th...